A current case from our everyday AIC counselling work in Africa

A successful restaurateur from Switzerland recently approached us and asked for our assessment of the chances of opening an upscale (1* or 2 stars*) restaurant in one of the West African tourist or business regions with good flight connections to Western Europe and Switzerland. He would prefer the future restaurant to be an existing property in a prime location in the region or country. And he would like to operate his branch in an African country with a sophisticated clientele.

For the Swiss entrepreneur, it is of utmost importance that the new location is directly by the sea and that it is also a country where as many organically produced products as possible can be purchased locally. We are currently busy analysing the market and have commissioned three specialists in West Africa to provide us with the most precise figures, data, facts and analysis of the political situation possible.

Step-by-step, we are currently going through the results received so far in weekly 10min Zoom meetings and expect to have a resilient result as early as October 2022.

The master chef plans to open his African luxury restaurant (with the same name as in Switzerland) as early as December 2022.

So far, three African countries are almost tied in the race: Senegal, Gambia and the Ivory Coast. We will report on the progress…

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