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Africa Investment Consultancy (AIC) Ltd makes a stand for the environment!

It will become increasingly important for the whole of Africa to introduce effective and modern environmental technologies in order to significantly improve the living conditions of the people. On the one hand, modern environmental technologies only cost money in the view of many responsible politicians. They do not see the benefits of introduced environmental technologies because they cannot yet grasp the long-term consequences. On the other hand, strategically planned recycling centres can become real gold mines:

Did you know, for example, that an incredible 800 litres of high-quality paraffin oil* can be produced from 1000kg of mundane plastic waste?

*Paraffin (Latin: parum affinis, ‘little related’ or ‘little reactive’) is a mixture of acyclic alkanes (saturated hydrocarbons) with the general molecular formula CnH2n+2. The number n is between 18 and 32. Paraffin is light-bodied, oily or waxy, combustible, odourless and tasteless, non-toxic and electrically insulating, water-repellent, fusible with fats and waxes and inert to many chemicals. The uses of paraffin are very diverse due to its properties and non-toxicity. The main uses are as a fuel, sealant, care and preservative. For example, it is used as a fuel in candles, oil lamps, in the paraffin cooker, as a barbecue lighter, in fire breathing and fire juggling, to soak the wood of matches or as a solid propellant for hybrid rockets. Paraffin (oil) was discovered almost 200 years ago by the German natural scientist Karl von Reichenbach during a series of experiments to determine the components of wood tar.

And this wonderful Paraffin oil* can also be used for the production of fuels. Thus, it becomes clear that Africas waste problem contains an unexpectedly valuable and sought-after raw material. We at AIC Ltd have an international network of environmental specialists at our disposal and are happy to advise governments or investors on the extensive possibilities of eliminating the mountains of waste on the one hand and turning waste into money on the other.

Another obvious problem is the mountains of used tyres all over Africa. However, old tyres are virtually material gold mines and can be almost 100% recycled. If you currently travel to different countries on the African continent with your eyes open, the mountains of scrap tyres become visible and, unfortunately, also bigger and bigger. Used tyres are often burnt, buried or even dumped in the sea, which is a terrible environmental crime and exactly the wrong way – and an incredible waste of resources. We at AIC Ltd have a very good international network of environmental engineers and would like to encourage governments and investors to reduce the mountains of scrap tyres and earn real money in the process. The construction and operation of a recycling center in various countries of Africa will bring an investor incredible wealth of raw materials. Because nothing is recycled here, everything … thrown away. And this not horrible for the continent, it’s also a big waste of money:

Did you know that the recycled tyres on the international market have a resource value of at least 30 US Dollars?

Of course modern environmental protection is not free, but it rewards people and nature and lets investors make real money in the process. Once beaches have been cleared of rubbish, investments in tourism are much more worthwhile. Especially Europeans or tourists from Canada or the USA will love to travel to Africa and find beautiful beaches without mountains of rubbish stinking to high heaven.

Of course we can bring you in touch with all kind of enviroment technologies and do our best, to make Africa ready for being green and clean again. So the tourism industry will be a very good friend of those enviroment technologies, let’s do it now, let’s do it together!  will be happy to conduct a non-binding and free initial consultation with you and provide you with our assessment regarding the right investments in African environmental protection…

Waste oil recycling is a highly interesting growth market in Africa and will soon also be promoted by legal framework conditions

More and more old and new vehicles with combustion engines from America, Europe and other parts of the world are being exported to Africa. This dramatically increases the need for oil changes and the climatic and geographical conditions for engines require even shorter oil change intervals than in the USA or Europe.

Thus, the issue of waste oil recycling is becoming more and more urgent. There are terrible examples of waste oil lakes in Africa and since one can imagine the extent to which this toxic waste oil damages nature and also groundwater, the effects on the health of humans and animals are correspondingly terrible.

Recycle oil products in Africa like Europe, Japan or US is doing:

When waste oil is recycled according to modern standards, used lubricants, oils, insulating and heat transfer lubricants are turned into new base oils. In this way, sustainability is maintained in two respects:

– On the one hand, it means that petroleum reserves are conserved.
– In addition, the modern processes for reprocessing used oil generally produce lower CO2 emissions than petroleum refining.

So new environmental technologies could soon create a lucrative market for clever investors who, on the one hand, want to protect Africa’s environment, but at the same time want and need to earn money. This is not a contradiction, but will ultimately help Africa and the people on the black continent. Our AIC Ltd experts will be happy to discuss with you and our environmental specialists the chances of setting up a waste oil recycling and production facility in various countries in Africa.

Isn’t it time to bring a good motor oil product and ‘Made in Africa‘ to the market? 


Here are just a few examples of many and we would like to contribute to the fact that waste in Africa is not only regarded as an annoying remnant of mankind, but it is a non-recycled raw material and no matter whether we build a biomass power plant, or whether we recycle PET bottles or whatever, environmental protection is an indispensable part of the modern world and will guarantee a quick ROI in the medium term if strategically planned.

Our AIC environmental experts and engineers have international experience and can therefore contribute to the fact that the investment in African environmental protection will not only ensure much better framework conditions on the continent, but that all measures will also become highly profitable profit centres.

Our AIC experts are happy to advise interested investors on the opportunities of using and bringing such technologies to Africa.

Our motto: “AIC make Africa green & clean again!

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