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Our branch office in Freetown (Sierra Leone*) was approached with an extremely exciting case of raw material search: a cosmetics company from Liechtenstein wanted to sustainably import so-called ‘rare earths’ from Africa, so-called black sand, for high-quality soaps. The requirement of our client was: “Buy only from the producer. The Liechtenstein company was interested in the so-called ‘magnetite’, ‘haematite’ and the iron titanium mineral ‘ilmenite’.

We commissioned a geologist from the ‘School of Technology’ of the UNIMTECH University of Freetown and he found what he was looking for in Sierra Leone. The delivery of 50 tonnes of black sand per month to Liechtenstein was successfully negotiated and concluded. Despite the significant increase in transport costs, the purchasing conditions are around 35% cheaper than the market price in Europe.

This example also shows that precise planning and the use of specialists produces a convincing result for all sides.

Special feature: It was particularly important to the Liechtenstein company to protect the environment as much as possible, and the team of AIC specialists and the commissioned geologist were able to successfully implement this requirement.

Buying raw materials directly in Africa only makes sense, however, if experts ensure a smooth transaction. Therefore, the Liechtenstein purchasing manager Anton Banzer said about the cooperation with AIC: “Without the precise preparation of AIC about the goodness and quality and easy availability of the black sand and the commitment of the geologists of the ‘School of Technology’ in Freetown, we would still be dependent on the poor purchasing conditions in Europe today. We are very satisfied and strongly recommend Africa┬áInvestment Consultancy.”

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