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Africa is very rich in raw materials, has a young growing population and is incredibly diverse – and promising – in terms of dynamics.

But …

There are still countries on the continent that we strictly advise against because of the risks to life and limb and property. And there are countries where one should have a very clear relationship with the respective government; according to experts, these include Somalia, Cameroon and Nigeria. We assume that conflicts can be pacified or that the security situation of a country can be improved. However, there are still some regions in Africa that we cannot recommend as a location for a modern production company.

We AIC experts will be happy to provide you with more details about ‘your’ Africa investments in a free initial consultation.

Which production plant fits into which African country?

Here AIC stands for individual advice regarding the choice of location for a production plant, we also take into account the relevant industries and pass on expert assessments in which of the (West) African countries an investment makes particular sense. We also take into account socio-economic population trends and give our assessment of the political situation and possible development of a selected country.

Advice on investments in tourism and the hotel industry on the African continent:

One of the most promising sectors in (West) Africa is certainly the tourism industry. Many countries have decades of experience in this field and have a tourism infrastructure that can even convince spoilt travellers. For example, Senegal or the smallest country in Africa, Gambia. Other regions in (West) Africa are only just beginning to develop as international boom destinations. However, they have extremely positive conditions in terms of natural beauty and beaches. We can speak of Guinea Bassau as an example. The country has over 200 Atlantic islands, some of them with wonderful endemic animal and plant species. However, the infrastructure is only rudimentary. This will make it necessary to invest millions of $ before developing tourism, but in return Guinea Bassau offers a real ” Africa feeling unplugged” and a breathtaking nature.

Advice on the safety of the investment and the country-specific conditions in Africa:

Safety First! Of course, the political framework conditions in some African countries are by far not as well secured as we know it from Europe, Canada or e.g. Japan. Before our clients and partners invest in an African country, we will analyse and assess the political situation together with you as up to date as possible. In this regard, we also have an international network of consultants who will give a precise assessment of each country. Of course, some location analyses take a little longer and, if necessary, our key account managers and location scouts from the various sectors will travel to the country of your choice. We have developed an Africa security ranking for this purpose, which we update on an ongoing basis.

Africa location and product advice:

As the population grows in all countries of Africa, more and more products of short-, medium- and long-term needs are in demand. We advise you on which sectors and which products are in particular demand at the moment. For example, investors are increasingly asking us in which country it is worthwhile to set up your own food production line?

One can really say that almost all Africa countries lack modern production methods in the food industry. Only South Africa has established a significant production line of its own products (MADE IN RSA), which are also exported to other regions and countries on the continent. One finds food products from Europe, Turkey or Asia and occasionally from the USA in almost every country on the African continent.

In our opinion, this nonsense should come to an end and so we would like to once again encourage investors from the food industry to contact us and talk about setting up a production line on the African continent. This requires investment at first, but will pay off double and triple in the medium and long term. For example, the low labour costs and non-wage labour costs also speak in favour of Africa, and even labour-intensive production processes become competitive because of the quantity of workers. Governments in Africa are also interested in bringing food production to the continent and from there the framework conditions can be discussed flexibly and in favour of the investors.

AIC will be happy to assist in establishing contact with government and authorities.

Motto: No matter what you produce, it is needed in Africa

This motto applies to all sectors! We at Africa Investment Consultancy will gladly contribute in our own interest to the success of you and your production company with us and the country of your choice. When you furniture. Pull if you welcome here. metal production in Europe, any country in Africa will welcome them with a kiss. No matter what the industry, anyone who has expert knowledge and can help people get better products ‘Made in Africa‘ is welcome.

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