Tourism Industry

CEO Dennis Elverir explains: “A hotel owner of a 4-star beach hotel in a West African country approached us in October 2020 with a remarkably low occupancy rate over the whole year of 18%. In order to break even, the hotel would have had to reach 29%, according to our calculations. We then worked with market researchers to ask guests what they liked and disliked about the hotel. Then we looked at booking behaviour and found that the hotel was not even connected to the main hotel booking platforms.

After only three months, we were able to achieve a significant improvement in occupancy by eliminating the most criticised aspects, significantly increasing internet visibility and also providing a significant boost in demand with booking platforms.

Recently, we received the pleasant news from the hotel owner that the length of stay of the guests has been improved from three nights to seven nights. In addition, the occupancy rate of the long-established accommodation provider was improved to 47% over the year 2021 and the owner was able to sell the hotel at his desired price due to its advanced age.

In this case, an immediate improvement was achieved as we were able to work with the owner to rectify the obvious deficiencies very quickly.

Our consultants of AIC Ltd act strategically and are friends of clear words. In order to be able to carry out a problem analysis, everything has to be transparent, according to the leading AIC consultants. The case could only be closed so quickly and successfully because all facts and figures were brought to the table by the owner of the problem hotel.”


Statement given on February 8, 2022

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