Business Consulting

Business Consulting in Africa


Of course, we at Africa Investment consultancy can use classic management consulting strategies, for example to optimise your purchasing or to significantly increase the occupancy rate of a company or a hotel. Others can do that too. Our specialisation lies in the network and the focus on the ‘African continent’. This gives us several unique selling points:


Among other things, we can ensure that your business or brand is promoted in a country, region or even throughout Africa. We can provide you with access to mine operators, raw material sources and raw material producers or ensure that your future Africa investment is provided with maximum legal security. To this end, we will help your company to handle discussions with governments and tax authorities in such a way that your ROI can be expected as quickly as possible.


Sustainability will also gain importance in Africa. That is why we will already accompany your potential Africa investment with a positive media campaign, and ensure that a new or even well-known brand is portrayed positively in terms of its impact on the environment. This is particularly easy to do in the tourism industry, in agriculture and, of course, in waste management. Our environmental experts will incorporate green thumbs into all their Africa investments, not only to ensure positive press, but also to actually protect the environment as much as possible.


Market research is becoming increasingly important in Africa!


With growing prosperity it becomes more and more important to know what African people feel, want and think. So AIC is also your professional partner in this highly specialized industry and works with psychologists and experienced discussion leaders to elicit the true opinion of the target groups…


For all companies it is essential to know what the future markets or target groups need and want. For this reason, africa investment consultancy Ltd has also integrated a highly specialized subsidiary for all questions relating to market research. Already in the past, for example, foreign travelers were interviewed regarding their wishes concerning tourism in an African country. It is just as exciting to know what the young Africans with purchasing power want and need. This is where we come in and offer appropriate market research packages, quantitative or qualitative surveys, for companies in all sectors.

Quantitative research offers many advantages:

-Reliability, objectivity and comparability

-Fast processing of large amounts of data

-Low time and cost expenditure

-Simple implementation

-Localization of causes of potential problems


Advantages of qualitative research:


Qualitative research enables transparent data collection that is relevant to life and practice. Instead of just numbers, these research methods uncover the background to decisions, behaviors or motives. Customers can present their own subjective view without being restricted by prefabricated answer options. Aspects can emerge that have not yet been considered by the researchers.


If qualitative research is used together with quantitative research, studies can be carried out in full with meaningful results.

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