Our Mission

A team of international experts from many industries has set itself the goal of finally attracting serious investment to Africa. The main aim is to transfer knowledge and production processes from Europe, Asia and America to Africa. This will improve the situation of the people in Africa in the medium term. At the same time, it is about creating jobs with a future for the people in the poorest countries of the world. Africa Investment Consultancy (AIC Ldt) has an international network of media experts, tourism industry professionals, economists and engineers.


Our Vision

We know and love Africa. We know the problems of the countries, some of our network partners are located in the main cities and is operating from the heart of the countries. However, we also know that the continent of 54 countries cannot be left alone.


We have a vision for a better future for the people of the African continent: by pooling the knowledge of our internationally operating network partners, we will bring outstanding expert knowledge from a wide range of sectors to the continent – precisely in line with the goals of our partners.


Motto: More knowledge for Africa! The continent will become a hip location for international experts and thus a noticeable improvement in the situation will be felt as early as 2030. More international industries and brands are setting up production sites.


AIC Ltd … We make Africa great again!

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